Steichen Press Release



APRIL 7 TO MAY 31, 2021

Known as the “Father of Photography”, Steichen is the celebrated photographer who is known for photographing some of the most famous people and subjects of the 20’s to the 50’s. When visiting Gallery 526, guests will see such images as those of Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Gloria Swanson, Lillian Gish, Carl Sandburg, Alfred Stiegletz and many others. He also photographed such beloved New York scenes as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Flat Iron Building. 

Steichen began photographing in the 1920’s until his death in the 1990’s. He died past his 90th birthday. Ziev said, “His original works are very desired and are of investment grade. We are working with a private collector who is making available the 75 remaining photographs of his collection of 100. Several have also been donated to the Norton Museum.”

There will be 25 framed photographs exhibited in the Gallery’s special collection section.” These photographs were produced by Steichen’s wife Joanna and George Tice.

This ambitious show is a demonstration of Ziev’s dedication to her gallery and to art. She opened the gallery initially as a private work studio. Being aware of the drastic need for exhibit space and sales to support artists, she invited other artists to submit their work. She was overwhelmed by the response. She and her team of judges selected 20 artists to open the gallery.  

Ziev continued, “I’m happy to showcase the work of artists who need the opportunity to share their work with the public, especially with so many galleries closing. We take the presentation of our artists very seriously and not only seek a permanent home or place for their art, but we also offer a space for building camaraderie among artists and their clients with workshops, lectures and demonstrations.”

The first featured artist was Suzanne Barton, an award-winning, nationally known, fine art photographer and artist. She said, “Exhibiting at Gallery 526 has been the best collaborative gallery experience I have ever had as an artist. An artist herself, Barbara Ziev understands the nuances and creative processes of Fine Art. She has created a dynamic, diverse collaborative atmosphere between artists and the community at large. Gallery 526 sets itself apart. Barbara's commitment to creating a true ‘art experience’ and her attention to detail is the formula for its success. I am so happy to be a part of it.” 

Along with the Steichen collection, there will be large format color field abstracts exhibited in the main gallery. Ziev added, “We wanted to celebrate spring with this colorful exhibit. Then, May will feature large format florals. You know, April Showers Bring May Flowers! We all need as much color and joy as possible as this spring is such a welcome change with people getting vaccinated and feeling a little more freedom from the pandemic. Let’s celebrate together.”